Sunday, May 15, 2005

Finding Neverland

"Last I heard, Michael Jackson was offered a commercial spot for K-Mart. He was more than interested when he found they had little boys pants ... half off."

The Michael Jackson trial is yet another circus in a lifetime filled with bizarre behavior. The media flocks to it in droves; E! (I think it's them) even re-creates the days events in the evening using character actors. Comedians come out of the woodwork with material. Websites create stupid Michael Jackson posters. There's even an online game called "Escape from Neverland" where you are Michael Jackson and shoot a net gun at children as they try to escape Neverland. Jackson's fans paint him as Peter Pan, a 42 year old man who never grew up and has "child-like innocence" according to some of the most ignorant. Then there are Jackson's accusers, who paint a far different story. With the media exposure giving equal time and making a circus out of this entire trial. So let's cut through all the smoke-filled, bullshit that we all see on the news and remember this:

Michael Jackson is a serial rapist. He is the most VILE of all rapists as he rapes young children.

How do I know? Would an innocent man pay millions in hush money to parents of other children he raped? Along with a confidentiality clause? Let me repeat the above so even the cheap seats can hear it:

Michael Jackson is a serial rapist. He is the most VILE of all rapists as he rapes young children.

This issue is as black and white as possible. Jackson hasn't been much of either in years, but this case is very simple. He rapes children. He SERIAL RAPES children. The only solutions and possibly outcome must be a guilty verdict and a prison term that lasts into y10k.

And further, why are the parents of these poor kids NOT ON TRIAL? Who in the fuck takes their kids to anyone's house and let's a grown man sleep in the same bed as their child. Are you fucking kidding me? All of the parents of these kids are just as guilty and should be charged with conspiracy, neglect, and anything else that would get their asses put in prison. You allowed your son, a child you supposedly love, to be raped by a man - and I use that term VERY loosely for this sick freak - while giving your blessings. Any child past the age of 3 should never sleep in their own parents bed (few exceptions apply for thunderstorms and boogey men), but giving permission for your child to stay with an absolute stranger and sleep in their bed? What the fuck did you think was going to happen? Just because someone makes music you like doesn't mean they are someone you trust with your loved ones. I like to listen to Hole, but does that mean Courtney Love would make a good babysitter for my kids?

I feel sorry for the kids that were victims. They are getting lost in all of this while people make their jokes and the Michael Jackson SUPPORTERS (can you believe that shit?) - some of the most truly ignorant people on Earth - proclaim his innocence. Man, I have one solution for this whole mess: take the parents, take the SUPPORTERS in favor of serial raping children, take the Serial rapist himself and line them up end to end ... put a gun to the back of their heads ...


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