Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Welcome to the Dumbest Thing I've Heard this year - Part I

Read the article here and see the commentary.

The story goes undercover cops served warrants in a dangerous neighborhood. A 20yo, known drug dealer, was a bystander on the street at the time and snapped a picture with his cell phone. The cops approached him, arrested him, and confiscated his phone. IMHO this would be a violation of rights and it will probably end in a lawsuit. A few of the "9/11!!!eleventy!!!", "if your not with us your with the tuhrist!" morons then went off comparing this to people who think dangerously - you know, people who do not want their rights violated. They then called the guy a scumbag who got what he deserved. When I pointed out what if THEY had taken the picture would it be ok for the cops to arrest them? I got two of the dumbest fucking responses I have ever read. Be warned, your IQ and faith in humanity will plummet after reading what follows:

GONASA: "The only rights getting trampled are those of pushers, pimps and terrorists. Which of those are you?"
What is scary and sad is that not only does he believe this, he's ok with it. I'm not going to cry for pushers, pimps, or terrorists but what people fail to see is the slippery slope. When we allow police to decide - on the spot - what rights you have, we have become a fascist state.

But for all of GONASA's naivete, lack of education, and latent stupidity, he couldn't even put a blip on my radar compared to JoeyG. Of course, it came from a "Bushy." It's always these over-the-top, you're with us or the turrists!, dumb fucks that come up with the best stupidity. Today, it comes from JoeyG in Florida. To be honest, if I were a grown man and still going by "Joey" I'd have to kick my own ass. OK, here's what JoeyG has to say ... best read while humming "God Bless America" (bold added by me):

When the cops are doing something harmul to the law abiding public, or being crooked (and I don't define crooked as taking a drug dealers phone away), or when most the cops are working with the bad guys like they have done so often in the past, THEN we should stand up and confront the enemy and stop it. That isn't happening now. We have isolated incidences, but NOTHING like it is in most other countries and Nothing like it was here back in the early to mid 20th century.
But you guys are acting like this cop was conspiring with Al Capone or Osama Bin Laden and that he did something so bad.
The people that believe that are absolutely PARANOID. These are the same type people that are against the patriot act, vote for Ron Paul for the wrong reason, think the goverment is involved in some conspiracy against it's citizens, think many if not most cops are bad, put a criminals perceived civil rights in front of a law abiding citizens right to life, think that 9/11 was an "inside job", think that waterboarding is torture, think that a cop unlawfully taking a drug dealers phone means we are on the verge of MARTIAL LAW...NAZI style.
You guys have been so brain washed, it's made you totally paranoid and the paranoia has rendered your brain incapable of using logic.
So pathetic I can't even begin to tell you.
I suppose you also think it should be ILLEGAL to interview and interrogate muslims with backpacks getting ready to enter a mall (while chanting their final prayer), without interviewing and interrogating every other person with backpacks entering the mall too. God forbid we miss the school kids with their back packs. Certainly this violates the muslims civil rights.
And in many areas of the country that have very high populations of ILLEGAL immigrants, we can't pull them over at any higher rate than any other group, even though it is a FACT that most don't have drivers licenses, many insurance, and they are 3 times more likely to be driving under the influence than other white drivers.
I can give you a MILLIONS scenarios where it's in our best interest to use some common sense and logic, instead of the perceived MINOR violation of the persons civil rights.
Republican or democrat, either way, it's detestable.

Patriot act? Check. Turrists!? Check. Illegal immigrants? Check. Veiled racism? Check. Bushy? Check. Yes folks, I couldn't even make-up something that stupid. There is a reason on Fark that Florida has it's own tag. God Bless America you damn proud American!

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Nice post man, i'm 42degrees on

I was glad to read your 2nd post about walmart and the receipt.

I was literally going to use that kind of example as my next post on about how "you people who say the scumbag got what he deserved are the same people who when a person gets arrested for not showing their receipt as they leave a home depot/best buy say "shoulda just shown your receipt". So quick to give up your rights.

I invite you to my blog, nothing too exciting and not updated as much as i'd like but it's something.

Take it easy man

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