Sunday, May 22, 2005

Thank You

You know. For being a cynical piece of shit there is a lot in life that I notice. One thing - the people who do the most you rarely give credit to. Maybe it's just you expect it from them, but that is no excuse. You see, I am an over-achiever and always have been. When I was in school I was always tops in the class ... except college where I overachieved at party-giving. I was a star baseball pitcher because I was intelligent not because of physical prowess. I was a star football player and - once again - not because of physical ability. I was a star basketball player because of jumping ability and HEART. No matter what it was, I was the best I could possibly be and still am to this day. I am the best programmer you will ever want to meet. I am the best handicapper (read gambler on sports for the dumbasses) in the world and have the record to prove it. I am the best father I can possibly be. I am the most loyal friend you could ever hope for. I try and yet ... no matter what - people expect more.

Not friends and family mind you, just people. How is it that we are all so expectant of others. I have never let down a person (on purpose) in my life and I hope I never do. However, with some things it just seems like if you set a high standard, people are constantly trying to push you above it. Nothing is ever good enough. Work your ass off and keep your mouth shut - you get no recoginition and people think it's easy. Win a ton of money for your clients, have a losing week - now get dozens of angry e-mails from people who forget about the thousands of dollars they already made. Treat your daughter like a princess and try to do well for your children - get some fat cunt who still lives with her parents taking you to court for more money she doesn't deserve. It's a fucking sham all of it.

The problem is that I read something tonight that made me double check my own values. I have a friend at work (and outside of work because they are in the small group of people I consider friends) who is in charge of social functions for our company. She busts her ass behind the scenes and doesn't get the credit she deserves. We have killer parties (picnic and Christmas that I have been too - though kinda fuzzy on the details) and have one person to thank. To be honest, I have taken that part for granted. Sometimes, we just think that things like this happen, but they do not. I have thrown enough parties in my time to tell you how much planning and budgeting goes into it. It's a thankless job but it's worth it when you throw the perfect party (my brother's bachelor party comes to the forefront of all-time greats!).

So, since I am a complete and total hypocrite who feels completely unappreciated, I thought I had better rectify this situation now. Gina - for all of your hard work and dedication to making sure jackasses like me enjoy their time at DG ... THANK YOU! You bust your ass, don't complain (except in a random blog :-P ) and all of us have the best time at your gatherings. YOU DA WOMAN!

OK, back to being the cynical cocksucker that I am ... BTW, I DESERVE A FUCKING RAISE!


Blogger G13 said...

Thanks!!! That makes me feel so much better about the damn ass thing. But no..people will only expect more no matter how much you give. I really hate fucking people and the only thing I am trying to do it making their pathetic lives fun for one moment in time. After they cry me a fucking river...I hope they drown in it. Ok...still pissed off about it I guess! But thank you for actually noticing what I do besides my real job!

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