Wednesday, April 11, 2007

More Random Pissings

I am disappointed to say I am not the baby-daddy of Anna Nicole's money - er - I mean, daughter.

The Rutger's basketball team is not filled with nappy-headed hoes ... nappy-headed? Sure! But hoes?

Do you need a fucking degree in deductive reasoning to understand how a 4-way stop works? Jesus, I hope Bloomington drivers never get a chance at group sex because there's going to be money shots flying around like an Addis Ababa ammo depot.

Recent anti-American demonstrations in Iraq had the Bush administration attempting to sell ice cream, fridges, freezers, and ice to eskimos. National Security Council spokesman Gordon Johndroe says the rallies show Iraqi democracy at work! Yes, that doesn't look like defeat at all. Of course, the only ones who believe this are FOX News and the retarded ... I guess that's redundant.

Rosie O'Donnell recently imparted us with her wisdom about the 9/11 conspiracy and how fire cannot melt steel ... Personally, I blame nature and the people who found those structurally unsound towers just lying around.

Personally, I have quit watching 24. It is completely unbelievable ... I mean two black presidents in 3 terms!?!?!


Blogger G13 said...

Did she seriously say Fire can't melt steal? Someone better get over to Pitts. and let all those steal workers know that! They have been using fire for how many years now! Shit, someone better tell them that it doesn't really work!

And don't have a flat view from Granada Hills to Valencia! There are MOUNTAINS between them. That bothered me from the first show this season. And they all live in LA, they shoudl know that!

2:50 PM  

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