Thursday, January 11, 2007

Opponents of the Death Penalty: Or more ignorant hippy bullshit

First, the long layoff was nice. Second, I am angy once again because people are just given too much goddamn credit for being rational or even semi-intelligent. The sad fact is that 90% of you should never breed; in tragic reality, you already have. So in interest of educating the vast multitude of retards and morons of this country, I submit to you how you should feel about capital punishment for your reading pleasure.

Douchebag Statement #1: If you believe in capital punishment you believe in murder.
Yes, let's really push the boundaries of this logical fallacy. This is like saying "If you believe in the penal system, you are not an American." Why? Because isn't the founding premise of this country personal freedom? Yet, when people break laws their freedoms are forfeit.

Claiming that capital punishment is murder is asinine in every sense of the word. In a society of laws, punishment will always be a factor otherwise you have a society of anarchy which is an oxymoron at best. The punishment should fit the crime and if you take the life of another it is fitting that you forfeit your own life. That is not murder; that is due punishment.

Douchebag Statement #2: Capital punishment is vengeance.
This makes me throw up a little in my mouth every time I hear this argument. Taking the life of a murderer is not vengeance, it is punishment. See above. If you want to attach words to it at least attach some sort of intelligent moniker.

Vengeance is the practise of extracting revenge. What would revenge be upon someone who killed a loved one? A slow painful death? Drawn and quartered? How about someone who kills several people, even an entire family? Personally, for vengeance sake I would take out them, their family, and any of their friends.

Douchebag Statement #3: Death penalty sends a mixed message.
This comes from asshats who believe in Douchebag Statement #1. Basically, they believe it says "It's ok to murder people." BZZT! WRONG! TRY AGAIN DUMBASS! It says that if you want to take the life of another, be ready to forfeit your own life. I don't see the mixed message in that.

Really I don't know how much clearer this message can get. If you do A, B happens. My 4 year old can understand the concept of consequences so why can't a murderer? If I go rock climbing, I assume a certain amount of risk is involved. There is a chance I could die as a result of my actions. If I decide to kill someone, I have to know that my actions may cause my ass to get a couple thousand volts shot up it.

Douchebag Statement #4: Life in Prison is the best solution.
The idea behind this is that killing someone is final. If you allow these prisoners to live out their lives two things will happen: 1) they will spend the rest of their lives regretting their decision, and 2) if they are found to be innocent they can be released. So you would rather murderers live out their lives rather than risk that an innocent life be taken? Great, that sounds peachy.

Quick questions for you: Of the thousands of GUILTY murderers who are allowed to live, how many prisoners do you think they will kill while carrying out their life in prison?

I mean, basically you are saying to a murderer, you go live out your life but now you can only kill other incarcerated criminals instead of free people. That will show them! By giving these bastards (and cunts) life in prison, how many drug dealers, rapists, drunk drivers, and parole violators are we sentencing to death behind bars? It seems to me we are simply passing the death sentence on to a lesser violent criminals by sparing the life of a violent murderer. Oooh, guess we haven't thought that through, but that's not our problem, huh?

Douchebag Statement #5: If one innocent person was put to death isn't that enough?
This is the most retarded, pussified, bass-ackward thinking of any of the arguments. The "be all, end all" of stupidity. This is the reactionary statement for everything in this country. First, show me the asshat put to death that was found to be innocent? Second, we have an appeals system that lasts like 30 fucking years. And finally, we are going to let murders commit more offenses (see #4) so that we can protect against that one person does not get sentenced to death? Jesus, that's like withholding medical treatment because the patient has a 1-in-a-million chance of dying.

There is no sense of personal responsibility in this country and it's getting worse. Responsibility starts with you and knowingly ending a life has repurcussion written all over it. When will this society begin taking action instead of trying to save itself from itself. People bitch and wonder why the government has become so powerful and yet want to cowtow to the whims of the minority. Wake the fuck up and start seeing that as long as you pacify your just pussifying.

Go smoke some more pot and give me an argument that has some merit. Then again, that would require work and intelligence and we all know that's two things lacking in this society.


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