Saturday, June 03, 2006

Dating Life

OK, maybe this is not as cool to the rest of you as it is to me. Friday night, my new girlfriend met me shortly after work at my house. She has Friday's without her son and chose to spend it with me and the circus :-) (all 3 kids this weekend). She came over about 6:30, hung out until all three were down for bed at 8:15. And by "hang out", I mean actually played with them even during the start of the Cards-Cubs game. Then she went to the store because I had very little cold beer and came back with a twelve pack of Bud Select (not my favorite but hey I had a couple cold Miller Lites) because she couldn't find a 6-pack of Beck's Light - which is very good by the way.

We split a Red Baron Supreme Pizza - she ate half (the big half) and I ate the other half - while we watched the Cards-Cubs game. Of course, she's a Cardinal fan so she gets like a gazillion points right there. So, my girlfriend, on the night she has to go out, decides to spend a night in with me, my children, drink beer, eat pizza, and watch the Cardinals. The only negative - if you call it that - was she fell asleep in the oversized chair during the game. Granted, it went to 14 fucking innings and the Cards lost, but I cannot deduct any points for that.

Those that have met her can atest to her personality and hotness. You'll also take my word for it because she is very good in other places as well. If this ever goes sour, I will refer to her as "Crazy Bitch" just because of the song - listen to it closely.

Divorce is final on Monday. The kids are doing great. Life is good ... save for the fucking Cardinals who've dropped two straight to the fucking Cellar Dwellers.


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