Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Greatest Piece of Literature Since "Everybody Poops"

The good news is that I have started writing a book based on my own experience. In creative writing courses, they tell you: "Write what you know." If I ever did a "tell all" book, I am pretty sure I'd make millions. The problem? Libel suits and - of course - prison time for me. Lots of people read this blog but only a few know my background. Even fewer (is that a fucking word?) know MY history. Tentatively called "Knucklehead", here is some things my book will cover. Basically, it's Q&A time:

Ever had a gun pointed at you? Yes.

Ever been in a knife fight? I still own the leather coat (knife hole intact) that I was stabbed through when I was 17. It saved my life so I haven't thrown it away.

Have you ever been questioned in the disappearance of another human being? Yes, and there are many former employees of Rocky's who believe the body will never be found and I am the cause. Keep in mind, these are friends of mine who stilll don't believe there was not foul play involved.

Ever been in a racially charged riot? My senior year in high school a riot erupted because of me.

Ever been in a barroom brawl AND got hit by a pool stick? Yes (several) and yes, my jaw stick clicks on the right side when I fully extend it.

Ever been banned for life from an establishment? Double whammy: Stone Country and the now-defunct Tremors.

Ever been jumped by 2 or more guys? Sure have, in Bloomington. Three guys and just little 'ol me.

That's just a sneak peak. I have been writing the chapters in my spare time. Basically, it will be in the form of a short story for each chapter. The best, is probably the chapter about the disappearance of an ex-girlfriend's ex-boyfriend. That was probably one of the strangest occurrences\investigations I have ever heard about and been involved with.

All names will be changed to protect the guilty and cover my ass. I will put up a link when I start putting the thing together. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.


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