Tuesday, February 21, 2006

For future reference

I understand that having uneducated followers is the corner stone of any violent religion, so I thought I would help Muslim radicals understand a quick geography lesson. This is - of course - in hope that when they start flying planes into buildings, they can figure out if they are in Denmark or in the United States.

Distance between United States and Denmark: 4,500+ miles

Denmark: Smallest of the Scandinavian countries (half the size of the state of Maine), Denmark occupies the Jutland peninsula, a lowland area. The country also consists of several islands in the Baltic Sea; the two largest are Sjælland, the site of Copenhagen, and Fyn. Denmark has a population of roughly 5.5 million.

United States: World Super Power located in North America between Canada and Mexico. An estimated population of 280 million, the majority of whom would like to turn your little piss-pot country into a god damn weigh station for our oil trucks. Our chief export is bullets, bombs and missiles aimed at Islamic extremists.

Dutch or Not Dutch
Mohammed cartoons ... Dutch
World Super Power ... Not Dutch
Detective Wagonbach ... "Dutch" but Not Dutch
Islamic shit bags ... Not Dutch
Goldmember ... Dutch
Dutch Oven ... Not Dutch (trick question)
Islamic extremists demanding an apology ... Not Dutch
Denmark to Islamic extremists, "Suck it" ... Dutch

I hope this infographic helps ...


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