Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Fuck Islamic Extremists. Fuck Mohammed. And Fuck the Kid Gloves.

A cartoon can cause a fucking Jihad. Are we going to learn that these times call for more extreme measures when dealing with these pricks?

I am so sick of this I can hardly look at the world nowadays. Are people finally going to realize how dangerous these fucking extremists are? It's not enough they fly planes into our buildings, kill innocent victims on a daily basis, kidnap anyone of a different faith and torture and behead them ... there are still apologists. People who claim "Christianity is just as bad." The only problem is, I haven't seen Pat Roberts and the fucking 700 club dressed for war surrounding a newspaper. I haven't heard the call of Christianity to begin a Crusade against Arab Muslims. I must have missed that in my daily affirmations.

This is not WWII and we are sending the Japanese to camps because they may be spies. This is not Viet Nam where we know where the NVA's home base is. This is our fucking reality. Islamic extremists exist throughout the world even in the U.S.

Currently, Muslim violence is sky-rocketing because fucking Denmark made a cartoon. Other European countries published it as well. The U.S. is refusing to publish it out of "respect for Islam". It is not out of "respect", it is out of fear. Someone finally realized these fuckers are as crazy as bat shit and more violent than we had imagined. It's about fucking time.

As for "news" agencies limiting what they say out of fear of reprisal, I say "pussies". If I had any cartoon talent, I would draw Mohammed getting ass fucked by Satan on top of a pile of dead Jihaders with the caption "Where's your God now, bitch?!?" Fuck Islam.

Does this make me a racist? Do I give a fuck? I am tired of this bullshit. We have airport screenings where a 60-year old white woman gets pulled out of line for security sake. Here's a hint, 90% of these assholes are from the Middle East. Fuck the ACLU and start targeting anyone of middle eastern descent. There is a reason it is called "racial profiling" ... it's because if you are sure there is a terrorist in a line up of an Englishman, an American, a Frenchman, and an Arab ... 99.9% of the time it's the fucking Arab. Racial profiling is not racism, it's using fucking common sense. If I find crayon on the wall in my house, I don't interrogate the fucking dog!

And for any of you apologists who will respond "People like you are the reason they hate us." Good! Get fucked. Newsflash dickface, do you know what happened to peace activists who went to Iraq? They were kidnapped, tortured, and killed because they were Americans. I don't feel the need to feel sorry for violent extremists who use a flavor of the month excuse to terrorize the world.

Then - of course - we have Iran threatening to cut off oil if they are not allowed to continue on their nuclear enrichment program. Let's see, a known terrorist state with nuclear capabilities. That's not scary at all is it? I have an idea, let's give them a demonstration of our own. Let's drop a fucking nuclear weapon on Tehran and turn fucking Iran into a parking lot. I believe that would show them the kind of power a nuclear weapon can unleash and just why we do not think they should possess them. In a related side show, I propose we do the same to Palestine which really isn't a country, just a state of Muslim extremists from all over the world.

Fuck you hippies, let the war mongering begin.


Blogger TennesseeJed said...

Sweet...Reed is becoming a republican. See, I knew sooner or later all you tree-hugging democrats will start to realize that Bush has it right.

Say what you want about his IQ, he was smart enough to stop Iraq from going too far, and now that we've won (yes, we won) that skirmish, it's time to move on to Iran.

The only thing Bush did wrong was to not force Iraq to pay back the debt in oil. Yeah, we're there, we won, we should take the oil and use it to help fund what is left to clean up the extremists there then move the war machine to the next terrorist state.

8:16 AM  
Blogger Who's Your Daddy said...

That's not what I intended at all. I think Bush has it wrong. I believe we should have turned Iran, Afghanistan, and Palestine into parking lots. Iraq, despite their craziness, was no more of a world threat than Mexico.

Hussein preached against the West while living in a style that dripped of western civilization. His army was more of an oppressing contingent than it was a threat to neighboring countries - unless you're a pussy like Kuwait. And the WMD's were non-existent.

We should not be in Iraq, but since that's a moot point. Let's win. I still want to turn the other three into great big parking lots for our oil trucks. Except for Palestine which is not even a country, just a collection of radical Muslims who want to fight with Israel.

Finally, I apologize for the use of the word "fuck" in about every other sentence. I meant to use it in every sentence.

9:12 AM  
Blogger G13 said...

I say we take out Isreal as well! They are nothing but bullies in their own right! Oh hell, let's just take out the middle east and call the oil ours. We can call it...little hot america. The only thing left will be us pumping the oil and strip clubs every where!

8:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I actually was searching the web for "when the fuck are people going to realize islam is dangerous" and found your post.

Even Japanese nowadays just realized how crazy they are... How many more coward killings until people/countries realize it?

It's really sad.

Now, I have yet to see people suggesting SANE, plausible and feasible solutions.

So here's some :

Start with bans, extradition, radical border closing; stop accepting them! someone turning to Islam? Kick him bye-bye.

Anyone else have some serious possible solutions?

12:28 AM  

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