Thursday, December 22, 2005

Random Musings 6: Return of the Brown-Eye

Lance Armstrong is married to singer Sheryl Crowe and why not? He's one nut away from being Sheryl Crowe.

Cheese and Bacon soup at Hooter's may be the healthiest thing you could order ... aside from a health inspection.

Toys-for-Tots discourages urinating in their receptacles.

I apologize for calling my ex-girlfriend a whore in a previous post. Whore's let you know how much it will be up front. I apologize to whores as well.

How come PETA doesn't go after Taco Bell for giving the "Yo Quiero" dog irreparable colon damage?

Speaking of Taco Bell, I had a bean burrito from there the other day, and let me tell ya: going in or coming out, there's really no difference.

Speaking of bells, is it me or would you like to hear how the Salvation Army bell sounds coming out of a volunteer's ass?

My new pickup line (feel free to use it single guys): Right now you're a 6. But if you come home with me, I'll flip you over and make you a 9.


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