Wednesday, December 21, 2005

This Week's Installment of "Ask a Dumbass Hippy"

I asked a simple question of a dumb hippy and of course, I got a very long and winding answer. The question: "How do you interrogate a terrorist whose not afraid of death?"

Well, if he's not afraid of death, he's probably not going to be afraid of pain, either.
Ask anyone who has ever served in the military especially special ops: everyone has a breaking point.

As has been demonstrated time and again, torturing tends to get the tortured to say what the torturer wants to hear.
No, interrogation gets the interrogated to say what the interrogators want to hear.

The "line", as you put it, is very simple for a reason: THE U.S. IS IN THE WRONG, AND MUCH OF THE TERROR BEING COMMITTED IS BY US.
You're right, we are all too busy strapping bombs to our chest and blowing up innocent people.

At least 30,000 dead that Bush has admitted to.
No one dies in a war, ever.

Abu Ghraib.
Isolated incident from the thousands of prisoners being held. I wonder what the Irqi's under Saddam Hussein did to prisoners. Let's ask them - are there any prisoners of the former regime reading this blog or have you already been gassed or executed? Any prisoners released by Al Qaeda who were not executed on a tape that was released to Al Jazeera? No? Thought not.

The prisoners in that fucking place are treated better than 90% of the poor in this country.

Terror Alerts, politically timed to distract the American people from embarassing reports about the government.
Finally, something we can agree upon. Don't get your hopes up though folks, it's all down hill from here.

Nobody in this administration has ever, ever bothered to ask the one big question: motive. It's considered treasonous to want to know why the terrorists want to attack us. I, like pretty much everybody else on the Left, was all for going after Osama bin Laden. Pity we stopped before we caught him and went to Iraq instead. I don't want to find out why the terrorists do what they do because I sympathize with them in any way; I want to find out why they do what they do so we can stop them both in the short term and the long term.
Oh Jesus, here comes Dr. Phil the freedom fighter. Let me explain something to you my dumbass, hippy friend. Islam is a religion started by a general; amazingly enough its' radicals are proactive and violent. The Middle East hates the Jews for occupying the Holy Land which is Jerusalem. They have been warring for THOUSANDS of years. The U.S. is Isreal's staunchest ally making the U.S. a target. Our only way out - stop terrorism ... or allow it to happen, cut ties with Israel, and pray terrorism doesn't hit our back yard - AGAIN.

The "lack of substance" of which you speak has been in fact a lack of blogging, as I spent most of October and November appearing for music dates and finishing work on an album.
C'mon people now, smile on your brother, everybody ...

I very deliberately avoided political blogging, for the simple fact that it would've eaten my days and nights.
And the fact that you know little to nothing about politics, the world, or current events.

You'll find a little bit more in the archives.
Damn little.

I also have a LiveJournal.
Thank god ... even dumber ass then this.

That said, don't take this the wrong way, but... it's, ah, not your problem. If you don't like, please don't read. I promise not to think worse of you.
And if you can't take criticism or defend your dumbass statements, I would suggest not posting to the world wide web ... or at least turning comments off so that you don't have to realize how inane your blog is.


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