Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Eulogy of Maddox and "The Alphabet of Manliness"

I was excited; Maddox was taking "The Best Page in the Universe" and bringing it to hardback with a 150 page book of original material ... and then all relevant communication stopped.
In the last five months, the man who made pop-culture his personal bitch has been only able to mail it in with a self-explanatory update called "Idaho Blows". Even the title makes longtime Maddox fans cringe with embarrassment and even a little fear. Has Kensington Books turned Maddox into everything he hates?

Instead of hearing from the poet in exile, we are forced to whet our tastes with inane cartoons by Maddox-wannabes lucky enough he didn't delete their e-mail for misspelling the word "submission". Each day I check the site - less and less frequently I admit - I get to see "an update" by some Picasso of MS Paint. I liken it to attending Woodstock ... as sponsored by Pepsi.

It's as though "The Alphabet of Manliness" - and many more "projects" such as a comic and a video game - are merely vehicles to selling out. I give him credit. Maddox found his niche, built his site from word of mouth, and is now - seemingly - trying to grab at every dollar before the bottom falls out.

Being a capitalistic douche bag myself, I can tip my hat to him. I may even throw on a couple popups and some google adsense spots to cash in myself for solidarity sake. Until then, wake me when "The Alphabet of Manliness" hits the stores. Until then, I will hold a candlelight vigil at Christopher Reeve's house praying for the re-emergence of the pirate known as Maddox. A vast beacon of ass-kicking in an tepid sea of buggery.

R.I.P. Maddox and "The Alphabet of Manliness"


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