Friday, January 27, 2006

Random Musings 7: Enough hate to go around!

I am currently writing a book about the rise of Asian women in corporate America. It is tentatively titled "Everyone Loves a Happy Ending".

I want to be the mayor of "Chocolate-Vanilla Swirl City" ... "with Sprinkles" (asians, hispanics, indians, and american-indians ... just not too many).

Korean scientist Woo Suk Hwang now claims her findings in "cloning" was a mistake by the media. She actually made a break through in "CRONING", the time and\or ceremony in which women celebrate the end of their years as a mother and the arrival of old age and wisdom ... FAH-Ra-RAH-Ra-RAH-Ra-RAH-Ra-RAH

Donovan McNabb is not a black quarterback. This message is approved by the Philadelphia NAACP.

I was at a bar the other night when some girl approached me by saying, "Your kinda cute. Kinda." I, for one, love back-handed compliments so I told her. "Thanks. You're sorta a fat bitch ... you look like you - ALMOST - went on a diet."

My son is three and is having a terrible time picking up after himself and cleaning his room. It became so bad the other night we had to have a family meeting. In the meeting, I warned him if he didn't start pulling his weight I would downsize his ass and hire a Mexican 3-year old for half the cost.

Gratefully Dead Jihadist Tour for the new Millenium
2002 Afghanistan
2003 Iraq
2006 Iran
2007 Palestine
2008 Syria
Dates subject to change with elections and flavors of the month; alternative, less obvious sites include Sudan, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, China, Mexico, and Canada!

God is angry with the United States so he is punishing black people as evidenced by hurricane Katrina. I liken that to me kicking Michael Bolton in the nuts because I don't like rap music. Sure, at the time, it made me feel better, but did it really get the point accross?

Cheers mates ... or if you're from the San Francisco Bay area - "Bottoms Up!"


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