Tuesday, April 18, 2006

My Life, My Promise

There’s no getting around it right now. Things are pretty down in my house. The good is that I am not so lonely as I thought I would be between friends and family and of course the cutest kids on Earth. To add to my wonderful life, I was informed by me ex-girlfriend that I am being taken back to court for more child support. She says it’s a mandatory review or some bullshit, but it’s funny that she knows about it long before I do.

So right now, Pam owes me a ton of money. Trying to make ends meet was tough enough before the divorce. Now, I will have increased child support for Lilli and new child support order for Caitlin. All the while, I have to figure out how I can afford a house, food, gas - which is insane since I have such a huge commute that got longer with trips to Washington, and find the little extras for the kids. Oh yeah, every now and again I wouldn’t mind eating.

What I really want is to move back to Washington; however, that’s not going to happen any time soon. I find it increasingly frustrating that my soon-to-be-ex-wife insisted we move to Morton and has already moved out back to (drum roll please) … Washington. I fucking hated this town before we moved, and I hate it even more now that I am basically imprisoned here. I had friends and family in Washington; in Morton, I don’t know a single person save for my soon-to-be-ex-in-laws. Thanks for that Pam; I really appreciate it.

So to sum it up right now: no wife, no money, living in a fucktard town, and very little by way of things looking up in life. The good from all of this is I still have my little ones and I hope to use this time – since that’s about all I have and that's not very much with my job – to forge a better relationship with all of my children. I love being a dad but sometimes I think I take them too much for granted.

Maybe all of this will be something that makes me stronger or better, but right now all I can think is how hard it is to get out of bed every morning. I also know there is at least two little ones who are counting on me and I always keep my word. I won’t let you guys down. Ever.


Blogger TennesseeJed said...

Save for the first round of child support, I hear ya, man! Divorce sucks, makes you wonder why you thought that she was the one, and makes you wish you could go back in time and kick yourself in the nuts for getting married in the first place. It's been over a year and I'm still living in a sh**y little house with no money and way too much of my $$ going to Keri. On the bright side, we haven't filed yet so I haven't been stuck with the extra insurance expense that I'll pay until she dies or gets remarried.

You have the right attitude, though...the kids are what are important, love them and the rest will work out (that's what I'm counting on)

Btw, gave my 2 week notice today, leaving DG on May 3!

1:53 PM  
Blogger puddinpop1016 said...

Just came across your blog, I think it's awesome you're making that promise. I hope things work out for you, Divorce is a bitch, been lucky enough myself not to have fallen into that trap. Good luck

6:33 PM  
Blogger Kirdy said...

Morton? Ooh.......feeling your pain. They still eat their garbage there? That was the running gag when I lived in the P-town area. Get out of there.....stat!

1:14 PM  
Blogger kevin said...

That's a shitter. Have you considered accepting me as your Lord and Savior?

9:08 AM  
Blogger G13 said...

OH MY GOD...you gave your two weeks notice Jed? That is great! Congrads! I can't even say how happy I am for you.

11:54 PM  

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