Monday, January 28, 2008

Coen brothers steal more awards

If any of you watched that crapfest turned crtically aclaimed piece of shit, "No Country for Old Men" the Coen brothers managed to make another pointless movie, devoid of plot, devoid of feeling and turn it into gold shit. *** SPOILERS AHEAD ***

A Coen brothers movie is sorta like watching a Tarantino movie minus witty dialogue, fast-paced plot, well-developed characters, and less action. Hell, even Llwewellyn's, who they tried yet painfully failed to center the movie around, final shooutout was almost an afterthought. We see him threatening the main psychopath (the 2nd of three main characters), see some half-assed "detective" work by some "other" bad guys, and suddenly we arrive on the scene long after anything of interest has taken place. Main character: dead. While that was really neat and tidy.

Basically this movie was one long, tiring look at people who we had nothing invested in and no real reason to care what happens to them. Instead of playing some kickass, Texas ranger Tommy Lee Jones comes off as a geriatric emo kid. Anton, the main psycopath, kills people but relies on some code they allude to but never explain and really who gives a fuck. The guy drives some 100+ miles during the movie with nothing but a "bug-detector" device to find the stolen money and just happens to 1) drive in the exact direction as the guy running, and 2) get the bug detector in range to find the hotel and the room the money is hiding. That's some great fucking writing right there!

In conclusion, "No Country for Old Men" was about 60 shades of stupid and the Coen brothers failed to fall back on retarded accents and dialogue like they did in Fargo.

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