Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Note: With regards to the guys at Kissing Suzy Kolber.

You all thought he was dead. The season along with it. And then comes Sunday when the Sex Cannon ... 210-lbs of twisted steal and sex appeal ... came off the bench and showed that the dragon is not dead. You can't slay the dragon. A beautiful 59-yard bomb to Bernard Berrian and the Chicago fans were in Rextasy. I think even Berrian came a little bit when he caught it.

That's right, the Sex Cannon is back and all signs point to him making all the Rexettes and Seattle cheerleaders all wet this week. You want the dragon? You want the dragon? You can't handle the dragon! You want him in that huddle! You need him in that huddle!

The season was almost dead. We were on life support and our beloved Sex Cannon came off the bench, grabbed the season by the throat, and raped life back into the motherfucker. That's the way it's done in the sexy business!

Behold Chicago. The playoffs are waiting. I believe. This is our Rex-erection!

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