Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Yet More Random Pissings

Some headlines that struck me funny:

-- "WabiSabi Labi wants to be more than eBay for exploits." ... Also wants black "bud light guys" to do their commercial

-- "39% of Americans believe we're winning the 'War on Terror'" ... which more than likely means we're losing the "War on Drugs"

-- "Iranian dissidents rally against Ahmadinejad in New York" ... And you thought it was hard to get a cab before

-- "24 die in Iraq peace meeting blast" ... Uhm, guys, you're doing it wrong

-- Only Black Sheep fans will like this: "Bethlehem police nab Israeli with 900 chickens" ... screwed a beagle

-- "Bush urges U.N. to spread freedom" ... or else

Shaking it out:

Recent studies show that if you wear a phone on your ear, you 1) are not nearly as important as you hope to appear, 2) are for all intents and purposes a complete douchebag, and 3) will never get laid without the exchange of currency.

Karaoke nights at the GOP haven't been anywhere near as good since Rep. Mark Foley resigned. I hear he did a KILLER cover of "Turn the Paige".

You know, I am still getting hate mail for this blog and my "This Just In, Your Blog Sucks" site. Does anyone know where one can buy "a bag o' dicks" in order to eat them?

A great retort the other day from a guy when I was poking fun at Popeye's Chicken and their locations that are predominantly in black communities: If loving Popeye's is wrong, I don't want to be white!

Finally: Sometimes it's hard to hear myself over the sound of my own awesomeness!

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