Thursday, October 25, 2007

Brian Griese, who you crappin?

This was my contribution to The Boers and Bernstein Show tonight on the segment "Who You Crappin'?" If any of you listen to 670AM The Score out of Chicago, my moniker is "Paul Edinger's Chess Set".

FROM: Paul Edinger's Chess Set

This crap goes out to Chicago QB Brian Griese. Brian, in his post-game press conference told reporters he called every play of the final 97-yard drive except for the game-winning touchdown. On Tuesday, Brian redacted the statement and accused the media of blowing what he said out of proportion. After that here is what I gleaned from the press conference:

Prior to the game, Griese met with the defense, and used his mystical, Miagi-like ways to heal Brian Urlacher's back.

During the game, Brian used his patented jedi-mind tricks to sway Ed Hochulee into several favorable calls.

During the final drive he and Pep Hamilton used a combination of lip-reading and Vulcan mind meld to keep the plays coming in from Ron Turner.

And finally, it wasn't that his helmet audio malfunctioned, it was the fact that he couldn't hear it over the sound of his own awesomeness.

Brian, you lead one of the greatest comeback drives in Bear history. Possibly in the top 20 in NFL history for the sheer difficulty. But let's not get too full of ourselves only to be sent out, tail between your legs, with some half-assed excuse as to how you were misconstrued. So next time your about to spout off at the podium, stop, remember all if this is being RECORDED, and ask yourself: Who you crappin'?

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