Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Random Pissings

Sarah Palin supports abstinence-based sex education as well as a pro-life agenda. Her teenage daughter is pregnant by some goober and now she wants the situation to remain a "private family" decision. That's great Sarah, you want to dictate how other family's handle their "private" decisions but think your family should be excluded .... Vote for Palin: The Lynn Speers of American Politics!

As the MLB season winds down it's becoming more and more clear St. Louis will NOT be part of the playoffs this season and the Cubs will. After 100 years of ineptness Chicago fans believe this is their year! No, this message is not a repeat from 1908 to 2007 ... or is it? My prediction: Cubs go oh-for-a-century!

Speaking of 100 years of complete ineptitude, John McCain is under fire for not vetting his VP choice. Apparently, an inexperienced politician under investigation for corruption with a pregnant teenage daughter is not the new face of the moral majority. I did hear she likes diddling little boys so that may just save her bacon!

You know the hardest part about being a Green Bay fan is? Telling your parents your gay.

Speaking of the Cubs, Carlos Zambrano is injured, so is Rich Harden, and the Cubs started the month on a 5-game losing streak ... if that doesn't scream "IT'S SEPTEMBER!!!" I don't know what does!

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