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Need a laugh? Stop on over to, the place where feminist political activists bring their special sort of bat-shiat crazy to the Hillary for President campaign ... and people wonder why she lost the primary?

June 3rd, 2008: When Will Obama Concede?
No this is not a typo. Oh and believe me, you would think from the title it couldn't get any more stupid, but you'd be wrong.

Obama is unelectable and not qualified to be president.
However, he is electable in primaries and just beat the pants off of favorite Hill-Dog whose batshiat insane loyalists - who really did nothing except biatch, moan and call anyone supporting Obama a sexist - are still threatening to vote Republican if Superman (or maybe Superwoman) doesn't fly around the Earth really fast to turn back time so Hillary can ... lose the primary again?

On the night Obama lost South Dakota (Obama's own projections had him winning South Dakota by 15 percent) he spoke in the same hall in which Mondale conceded to the Reagan landslide.
... On the same night he cemented his nomination as the next Democratic presidential candidate you mean?

Obama will either concede now or in November.
Right after unicorns and rainbows fly out of Hillary's ass. Note to author: That word "concede", I don't think it means what you think it means.

Obama won't win Democrats he needs to win (like the Democrats on this very website). In state after state many Democrats clearly state they will either NOT vote, vote for the unacceptable John McCain, or write in Hillary's name.
So now you - and "Democrats" like you - after seeing that other DEMOCRATS - not like you - have chosen Barak Obama over Hill-Dog, you're taking your ball and going home? Is that it? Or are you doing the most democratic of all and THREATENING the DNC that since your candidate lost the next logical step is blackmail? That seems about right. So far we've seen that "you Democrats" and "your candidate" can run a political campaign nearly as savy as Michael Dukakis on month-long crack bender.

That Democrats, many who have never voted for a Republican or nightmared about voting for a Republican, to say they will vote for a Republican is shocking and foreshadows doom for the Democratic Party in November - if Superdelegates actually vote for Rezko/Ayres/Pfleger/Wright/Farrakhan's friend - Obama.
More pop-shots ... and more threats. Extremely enlightening stuff.

Hillary supporters will not vote for Obama on any ticket. Last night, at the Hillary rally, the shouts were Denver, Denver - not tears nor surrender.
Actually it wasn't "tears (or) surrender)" it was denial and delusion. The only thing Hill-Dog and her supporters will have to do in Denver is visit Coors to drown their sorrows because this ship has sailed.

No tears nor surrender came from the voters of South Dakota either. No matter how much Big Media insisted Obama was the nominee the people voted for Hillary. Big Media cannot force feed Obama to "bitter" small town America.
Funny, I didn't see "Big Media" winning Montana for Obama or the other "states that don't matter" to secure his nomination. But then again, those are the "states that don't matter." The tears and surrender I am sure came later when you all plowed head first into a bucket of Ben & Jerry's while telling your cat your troubles.

Last night, Hillary asked America to write to her. Hillary told us this was our campaign.
Hill-Dog: "Now the question is, where do we go from here, and given how far we've come add where we need to go as a party, it's a question I don't take lightly. This has been a long campaign, and I will be making no decisions tonight. But this has always been your campaign, so to the 18 million people who voted for me and to our many other supporters out there of all ages, I want to hear from you. I hope you'll go to my website at and share your thoughts with me and help in any way that you can."
It is your campaign ... and ALL OF YOU ARE LOSERS. On a related note, I, for one, plan on going to her website and telling her where she needs to go!

Hillary spoke about our resilience, our ability to overcome challenges. Hillary was speaking about America, but her words are especially true of her supporters.
Hill-Dog: "You know, tonight we stand just a few miles from the Statue of Liberty. And from the site where the Twin Towers fell ..."


"... and where America rose again. Lady Liberty's presence and the towers' absence are a constant reminder that here in America, we are resilient, we are courageous, we embrace all of our people and that when we face our challenges together, there is no barrier we can't overcome, no dream we can't realize, nothing we can't do if we just start acting like Americans again."
Yes that is truly inspiring. Maybe you guys can all talk about it in the coffee clatch Hill-Dog will be running in the coming months because she's going to have lots of free time.

Write to Hillary. Ask Hillary to fight for every vote - including the votes stolen from the voters in Michigan and Florida. Tell Hillary we will not accept the precedent set by the Rules Committee awarding votes to a candidate that was not on the ballot and taking votes away from her which the voters of Michigan entrusted to her worthy care.
Revisionist history anyone? The Michigan and Florida votes that Hill-Dog's camp voted wouldn't count? Then when she left her name - the only name on the Michigan ballot, finds her ass getting handed to her, and NOW it's time to count that vote? Get a fucking grip you fuck-twat! You don't want a democracy you want a dick-less Hiltatorship.

Donate to Hillary. Add 44 cents to show our grassroots support for her historic campaign.
Yes, because that 44 cents will go to pay off the millions she's run up in debt!

Let Hillary know we will never concede to Obama's race-baiting, gay-bashing, woman-hating campaign of deception and distraction. On to Denver!
Yes, we prefer Hill-Dog's racist, gay-bashing, feminazi man-hating campaign of delusion, incompetence and out-and-out FAIL to lead this country!

Let Obama know he will concede at the Democratic Convention or he will concede in November - Obama is not duping us out of our votes.
Ummm, sorry dumbass but it seems to me the maj-or-it-y (sound it out, you'll get the hang of it) has already spoken. Your little fits, tirades, threats and everything else really amount to a bunch of sore-losing feminists who brought nothing but vitrol and sexism to a campaign and now wants to threaten, degrade, bully, and throw tantrums to try and get their way. Not only do you - and your candidate - reak of desperation and contempt for those you want to lead, but you truly exemplify the problem with your campaign and why DEMOCRATS have chosen Obama over the unelectable and divisive Hill-Dog.

Thanks for the articles and please keep up the laughs. Knock-knock ... hey it's reality and HE would like a word with you!

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