Thursday, August 29, 2013

Rejected 8/2913 - For those who asked

From Paul Edinger's Chess Set ...

This crap goes out to Hawk Harrelson. In last week's broadcast of the Sox-Royals game, Hawk turned to Steve Stone and asked "You know what experience is? It's something you got when you didn't want to get it." Hawk, that's not experience;that sounds more like Prison Rape. You see Hawk, Experience is knowledge or skill of something gained through exposure. Experience could be your favorite non-metric "The Will to Win" which you went on to talk about saying that young players can learn this through exposure to veterans and organizations, you know: Experience! So which is it Hawk, is TWTW something you got through actual experience or is TWTW something you never wanted that the great Clyde Kluttz forced on you possibly in a Penn State shower? So Hawk Harrelson, consider this unwanted criticism "experience" and who you crappin?


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