Friday, July 15, 2005

Stupid Blogs

I wrote about a page and a half long blog only to have it get deleted when I clicked the Save as Draft button. Who's the fuck-rag that wrote this program ... Matt?

OK, I couldn't say Joe because ... well, he can fire me now.

I couldn't say Tadi because ... that would be too easy blaming an ORACLE dba for - more than likely - another database failure.

I couldn't say Saurabh because ... he pretty much wouldn't care.

I couldn't say Roman because ... he's too nice of a guy to browbeat him in my blog.

I couldn't say Gina because ... she'd probably go all Cybil on me and throw shit.

I couldn't say Jason because ... he's best friends with Joe ... and Joe can fire me.

I couldn't say Aaron because ... I need his help with Promos and Discounts ... after that it's open season.

I couldn't say Zach because ... he's the star witness in my workman's comp lawsuit after Chirs asked my help in moving that heavy fucking hardware out of the server room.

I couldn't say Tony because ... he would cut me.

I couldn't say Chris because ... he's a manager and also bigger than me.

I couldn't say Kal because ... he's another nice guy even though I hate ORACLE.

I couldn't say Jessica because ... after reading her blog you don't want to piss that girl off.

I couldn't say Chad because ... he's a Rock and Roll star and he'd completely trash me when he does his autobiography. Plus when he does make it big, I want to be a roadie or part of his posse.

So I chose Matt, who probably could give me a beating but the chances of seeing him in Illinois again are the same chances a Big Mac stands with my fat-ass, ex-girlfriend ... slim to none and slim left town.

If anyone feels left out ... GOOD! Take that BI-ATCH!!!


Blogger G13 said...

Cybil???Really???? Hmmmm...I will remember that!

2:02 PM  
Blogger Oreo said...

He I really that intimidating?

2:06 PM  

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