Tuesday, June 14, 2005

God Bless

"And God created Satan so people wouldn't blame every bad thing on HIM ... and God created Lawyers so people wouldn't blame every bad thing on Satan ..."

It is important to thank god daily for all that HE (fuck you Alanis Morissette) has bestowed upon us. Here are just a few example of my daily prayers:

Thank you God for ...

making Jesse Jackson the biggest joke of a "reverend" he could possibly be.

not killing Jimmy Stewart because if there is one thing I know: the TV does not have enough televangelists.

allowing "team A" to beat "team B" ... apparently you like a good ass-kicking and will do whatever you can to make sure the team that praises you the most gets their just rewards.

humbling Kurt Warner for taking that shit a little too far!

the Michael Jackson trial. Only in America can we have people so sure the defense are liars and a millionaire can turn himself into the victim.

allowing Terry Schiavo to die peacefully ... after dying years prior but having to endure countless do-gooders the opportunity to prolong the life of a body that they had no relation to and no interest in afterward.

teaching Pro-Life advocates things such as how to become the best sniper one can be or how to build the better pipe bomb.

creating jobs in 3rd-world countries so the richest companies in the world can cut costs by outsourcing their needs. Creating a "boost" to these third-world countries so there people can live in pseudo-poverty while others in the company's country lose their jobs and live at a subsistence level ...



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