Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Random Musings

"I haven't been fucked like that since gradeschool!"

A kilometer is just the Mile's little bitch ...

Bisexuals are just plain greedy ...

When driving, the more stickers about God on a car the worse the driver ... they figure if Jesus is on their side they can kill all of us. Not only that but the bigger the dickhead (or cunt) behind the wheel. I love how being religious is synonymous for being a self-serving, pompous jackass fully topped with righteous indignation ...

Fuck, that last rant was a whole lot of big words. If you're feeling disoriented or sleepy feel free to stop here ...

If you're a nerd whose never watched science fiction ... kill yourself. You've become less than an nerd - if that's possible.

The State of Illinois is looking to pass a bill that would make it illegal for drivers under 18 to use a cell phone. Why not just make it everyone? What's worse: a stupid ass teenager on the phone or some dumb fucking soccer mom in her SUV with a boat load of kids chatting away?

Ask any guy and they will tell you ... drunk women rule!

What can you learn from a blog? I learned about Gizoogle, bad customer service in Peoria, bisexual conquests of my "work friends", things to do when you're not naked in New York, and a host of other shit. Blogs are good only if people are interesting ... Thank god I know interesting people.

Peorians drive like old people fuck ... SLOWLY and AWKWARDLY!

Is "awkwardly" a fucking word? I'm too tired to look it up so I say ... who gives a fuck: read it, understand it, and move on.

In China, when they bow, that means "blow me" right? I was at the buffet yesterday and some guy did that so I gave him a flying dragon kick to the esophagus. I was in the right after that whole "blow me-bow thing" right?

Things I learned from my own blogs? Not a goddamn thing. I hate everyone and everything and your dumb enough to be reading this crap. You need a life, JACKASS!

Piss off ...


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