Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Marsupials Against Walken: An Open Letter

One marsupials response to www.walken2008.com

Dear Sirs,

Yes, I would like Mr. Walken to respond to us about his "pro-Frankenstein\anti-Marsupial" stance. First and foremost, we are offended at being called "scary" or "frightening". You cannot lump all marsupials into the same lump stereotype. Furthermore, several marsupials are not fast at all basically dispelling Mr. Walken's original assertion that he fears us "because (we're) fast!"

And what type of message does he send to children who believe that Frankenstein is - in fact - very frightening and terrifying. Frankenstein may be a bit haste-challenged, but is a known monster and has brute strength on his side.

Is it Mr. Walken's assertion that if a child sees Frankenstein that he dawdle about? And that if that same child should encounter an unassuming marsupial he should club it? This is highly disconcerting to me, a Marsupial-American. Before I would begin to take a candidate for president even remotely serious, I would expect a minimum of an open dialect on his views concerning Frankenstein and Marsupial-Americans. Furthermore, Frankenstein is German if history serves us; could this be some sort of Neo-Nazi extremism. Don't fear the Frankenstein ... or don't fear the Nazis? Hmmmm ...

Good luck with your next project racist. I believe Mr. Walken runs on a platform of intolerance and Nazism and I will defend myself and my Marsupial brethren by getting the word out! Walken is a marsupial-hating, Frankenstein-loving, Neo-Nazi with a propensity for hating fast-moving creatures. What is next, are we going to denounce illegal immigrants just because they could run or swim fast enough to get past the border patrols?

You sir are a racist and I will not stand for this campaign.

One Angry Marsupial

ps. For anyone who does not get the joke ... Too bad for you, get fucked!


Blogger TennesseeJed said...

Me not scary. Me friendly.

Fire bad.

Children good.

Me to slow to catch fast marsupials.


10:25 AM  

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