Friday, September 02, 2005

Sports and Ignorance

The dumbest fucking thing I have ever heard by any man: protesting the Indian mascots in the NCAA on Friday night's Arizona-Utah game, one analyst said "NCAA should not allow people to be mascots " ... This was a black gentleman who apparently loves playing the race card and comparing civil rights strife and the like to his bullshit opinions. Let's take a look at other causes he passed up to take up this one:

Purdue Boilermakers - nothing but drunks hence the drink
USC Trojans - probably thought they made condoms
MSU Spartans - thought they were a product of that Russel Crowe movie
Nebraskas Cornhuskers - not sure what a cornhusker is since it has nothing to do with cotton
Mississippi & UNLV Rebels - disparages rednecks so that is OK
Tennessee Volunteers - they "volunteered" to be disparaged so that is cool
New England Patriots - not his country any way
Pittsburgh Steelers - they "steal" so it's ok to disparage them
New Orleans Saints - it's ok because guys thank god after every win
New York Giants - giants and midgets are both here for our amusement
Tampa Bay Buccaneers - a bunch of butt pirates so it's cool
East Carolina Pirates - see above
Minnesota Vikings - white guys with blonde hair so perfectably acceptable to disparage without ramification
Notre Dame Fighting Irish - bunch of drunk white guys so that falls well within the bounds of acceptable
Navy Midshipmen - Just look at the Village People ... in the navy???
Syracuse Orangemen - it's OK because they're ORANGE and everyone knows ORANGE ain't shit

Here are some new names he - may or may not have - suggested for other teams:
Tulsa Golden Hurricanes - we all saw the devastation of a hurricane in New Orleans so we need to change this to something less horrific. A shower is a small rain so we will call them the Tulsa Golden Showers.

Blackburn Battlin' Beavers - Everyone knows a beaver is a docile animal who spends their day building damns allowing Bears to catch fish much easier in streams. From here forth, they shall be known as the Blackburn Bear Beavers.

Arizona Wildcats - A wildcat emphasizes a horrnedous stereotype that cats are wild and untamed. In the best interest of fairness, we will now refer to them as the Arizona Pussies.

Let's not forget that the Utes NATION voted to allow the Utah Utes nickname to stay. Same with the Seminoles and Florida State. However, in this country where MINORITY rules this becomes another hot issue that should not be! People - completely unrelated to the issue - are pissed off because in these tribal nations DEMOCRACY - read majority rules - actually WORKS! Seriously, in this situation there is only one thing that is obvious; the most racist act of all is these groups who are basically telling Indian nations that they know what is best for them. That the Indian nations are too stupid to know what's best for them. What would you rather have, a nickname that serves to honor your heritage, or a special interest group telling you that you are too stupid to make decisions about your heritage?


Blogger G13 said...

Since my past heritage is partly from the vikings...I am completely pissed off about this. What...we are mean ass bullies who will just invade a country and do whatever we want. If that makes a great mascot name...then why don't they have a team called the bush administration?

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