Thursday, November 17, 2005

FugLee or Not FugLee?

Because we live in a democracy, I thought this matter should be taken to a vote. And since half-dozens of people check my blog each month, I figure chances are I can find a couple of Non-Floridians to cast their ballot. Recently, I referred to this it-thing as "Fugly". In droves - ok there were like 2 - people came to her defense. She even felt the need to blog about it because - well - what else are you going to do when you look like that ... although the comment link was conspicuously missing from that one.

Please understand that I had to link to FugLee's site to bring the pictures to life. First, I tried hosting them on this page, but my web browser kept trying to uninstall itself. I then tried uploading them to the server, but I kept getting a "File 80085 - Content too fucking ugly for consumption" error message.

I then decided to be open-minded, so I made an exhaustive effort to get reaction from people close to FugLee. Asked about her best feature, an ex-boyfriend (ok it was her only boyfriend and we're pretty sure he's fully out of the closet now) told us "the two bags she wears over her head during sex."

So anyway, I wanted to allow America to rock the vote so I provided links and captions for when a picture can't say 1,000 words.

First let's meet FugLee
... and speaking of FugLee, I have seen shitty diapers more handsome than that couple.

Here is a great shot of FugLee sunning herself in Alaska.
... where's an Eskimo with a club when you need one?

Here's FugLee in Jamaica (the one on the right). Thanks to this picture alone, Catholic priests recently voted her site #1 in America!
... as they can look at the body of a 12-year old boy without any of the guilt!

Feel free to vote and anyone who doesn't like my blog can lick a baboon's hemrhoid infested ass ... that might be ugly, but it's not quite FugLee!


Blogger G13 said...

So, is her name Jymm or Lee? Both sound like men to me.

8:28 AM  

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