Saturday, November 12, 2005

Headlines for Novermber 12th, 2005

Bored and looking to amuse myself for 15-minutes, I checked MSN and Yahoo! and - as always - they did not disappoint ...

Jordan fingers Al-Qaeda in Iraq
Embarassed "New Kid on the Block" issues statment claiming he was both "drunk" and "disoriented". Al-Qaeda upset he won't return calls.

Gay Priests Struggle With Vatican's Rules
Are you fucking joking me? What's that conversation like?
"Let's see, no sex for priests gay or straight."
"Oh wait, but what if I want to bugger little boys."
"Well, that's not fair."

California May Build Tunnel in Quake Region
In the "what could possibly go wrong with this?" part of the news ...

U.N. Immunizes Kids in Pakistan Quake Zone
This is part of the controversial "medicine for u-hauls" program ...

Now that I don't have Yahoo! IM at work, am reading a lot more news. Conclusion: there are A LOT of shitty writers out there and even more ignorant people making "news".


Blogger G13 said...

For the Cali, they already have a small system of tunnels called subways that no one uses. They even go from the valley to Hollywood. And the arch of the tunnel is one of the strongest structures. But this is the thing that I don't understand.

I have been to Universal Studios in CA...and have been on the tram ride. They show what happens with you have a subway near water (ocean) when an earthquake hits. I have seen it! It's not pretty. First your train wrecks, you are trapped and then the water starts to flow in. Meaning...your ass is going to die. Many others in LA have also been on this ride...hense why no one really rides the subway in LA. Get a car and create more traffic!!!

1:03 PM  
Blogger G13 said...

Oh one more thing. I kid you not, when I left LA, they only had one stop in the valley. It was at the bottom of the very small hill where universal Studios is located. Infact across the street from the North enterance of the place!

1:07 PM  

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