Monday, July 16, 2007

Human Teddy Bears

Something you people without children will never know is how great it can be to hug your children. Think about a favorite blanket, stuffed animal, etc. from your childhood. Now add real life action and a heartbeat. My kids are wonderful. I like to think I did something right by them. I'm not anywhere near perfect but damn I like to think that I was able to give them something more than myself.

OK, gotta run. My boo-ba-loo teddy bear is calling me.

ps. If you were expecting an edgy or patently offensive article sorry to disappoint. Thinking about my children a lot lately ... so go fuck yourself.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Political Correctness is lost on 4 year olds

The other day I met my parents at the park where they had taken my son and daughter. My son, Connor, always the one to speak his mind was having quite a good time running around. When I got there he asked me to push him on the swings which, of course, I agreed to.

About 2 minutes into swinging he noticed the Muslim woman watching her two children play. She was dressed in a black burqa that covered her head to toe as is the custom and she sat in the shade on a park bench. When she stood, Connor's eyes got really big as he pointed at her and shouted:

"I thought that was Batman!!!"

My mom had to choke back tears as she tried not to laugh out loud as did I. My father was out of earshot lucky for him. Later I explained that she was a Muslim and in their religion that's how they dress.

I think Connor now wants to convert so he too can dress like Batman.