Tuesday, October 14, 2008

An Open Letter to Neo-Cons

Ever since 9/11 the Republican supporters (read YOU) have been told fear the terrorists. There are terrorists coming to kill you. We have to fight them over there instead of here. We need to wire-tap civilians, we need to suspend habeas corpus, we need secret prisons, we need to torture and all of this we are doing for America.

All the while this administration has tried to push their powers even further including claiming that congress has no oversight into their actions. Of course this wasn't a problem for Bushco the first 6 years when Congress was Republican controlled. Our economy is in the shitter and dumbass Republicans (read YOU again) are blaming the policies of the Democrats in Congress. I love that thinking (or lack thereof). We are in two unwinnable wars, Wall Street is collapsing, banks are collapsing and the party that's been in power for the last 8 years (and controlled Congress for far more than that) is blaming terrorists, democrats, and Barack Obama for the woes of this country. How very fucking patriotic you people are.

On top of it, after using scare tactics ever since 9/11 they think they can win an election (again) on the same old tired bullshit. Four years ago it was telling people if Kerry wins the terrorists win. Now it's spinning that Barack Obama is a Muslim with ties to terrorism. The message is clear: scare the same damn sheep into giving us what we want. The problem? People are getting smarter and the democrats and independents don't buy it. And even a lot of the Republicans (read NOT YOU) are asking: "Really? This shit again? Fuck this I'll vote for the secret Muslim baby eater because they can't expect me to be that fucking stupid. Or can they?"

You see the "you're either for us or against us" bullshit they've played with since 9/11 no longer fucking works. McMaverick is exposed as the same old crap; 4 more years of Bush. The Republican message has been dumbed down to such imbecilic catch phrases it's a joke: "If you vote for us your an American otherwise you're a terrorist ... and you're not a terrorist are you?" It's not even political science any more it's CHILD fucking PSYCHOLOGY!!!

Now you look at the McCain and Palin rallies and the word coming up most (even by Faux News) is RAGE. These scared little sheeple who hang on the Republicans every word so the boogeyman terrorists don't get them are in a RAGE. You know why? Because since 9/11 they were told they should give up liberty for safety and they did. They believed everything the Republicans told them and feel safe because they are protected by the all-knowing Republican party. And now they're big security blanket is about to go away and they need childish slogans to chant to make the feel all safe and warm again. And for the last 7 years it's those terrorists that are trying to kill us all that are going to win. Not only that, Barack Obama is a secret, evil, Muslim, terroris, anti-christ. They shout for his death and call him a traitor. Why? Because they were told terrorists are going to kill them all and Barack is not "with them".

They are enraged just like there childlike makeup would suggest. They are fearful because the Republican message has been so filled with scare tactics including in this campaign. Barack is a terrorist; the terrorists are going to win. Now when McCain at his own rally tries to calm the rage by saying "Barack Obama is a decent man and we shouldn't be afraid of him as president" the people actually BOO McCain and call for his death! That's a fucking bell you cannot unring. Most of these people need serious psychological help. You live in fear every day of terrorism and believe your only savior is Chimpy McFlighsuit and John McMaverick and the Republican party. Now your being told that the secret, evil, Muslim, terrorist, anti-christ is going to run the country and possibly rule the world.

If I were a Republican (like YOU) I too would be in a rage ... and scared ... or if I were 5 years old ... and possibly retarded.

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